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Rebel - By Lloyd Barnes - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Lloyds collection of new era visual card magic.

  • 2 Switches
  • 2 Controls
  • 3 Colour Changes
  • 7 Effects

An arsenal of new sleights. Every effect is gimmickless and impromptu. Comes fully photo illustrated, and is thoroughly researched and credited.

Here is the contents in more detail:

Colour Changes


  • CPR Change: Imagine a Colour Change as visual as the ClipShift but with no knuckle busting moves and silent!
  • Barrel Change: The Slowest and most visual colour change that there is… with no gimmicks!
  • Savings Change: A gimmickless and visual change of a playing card inside a box.


  • CPR Control: Cleanly cut a playing card in to the center of the deck. Secretly controlling it to the top.
  • LTB Control: A single card is cleanly inserted in to the deck and left outjogged, then squared in. With no moves. It’s now on top.


  • Light Switch: Switch a single tabled playing card in the natural action of turning it side for side.
  • Virgin Switch: A utility move for switching a card outjogged from the center of the deck, in a natural invisible motion.


  • Vrigin Transpo: Lloyd’s rendition of the Dan and Daves modern classic, the Tivo Transpo.
  • Twins: A prediction is made. The spectator chooses a card. The prediction is shown to be the chosen cards twin!
  • Red Sky: A card placed face up in the deck instantly switches with a card face up on the bottom of the deck.
  • Sniper: The spectator takes a shot at finding their card in the deck and completely misses… as a kicker, they find that they’ve been holding on to it the whole time!
  • FLY: A teleportation of a signed selection… all in the spectator’s hands!
  • Eat Fresh Sandwich: Imagine seeing one of a pair of face cards slowly and visually melt through the deck towards the other, bringing with it, your selected card.
  • Flic – Flac: A hyper visual 2-phase inversion routine that you can add in to your existing set.
57 Pages. PDF Ebook
Suitable for PC, MAC, iPhone & iPad
All ebook readers that can view PDF files