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Reality is Plastic : The Interview - Anthony Jacquin and Igor Ledóchowski - MP3 Audio Book


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In a series of three interviews, Igor Ledóchowski extracts the unique approach to hypnosis developed by Anthony Jacquin. This quality audio product provides a fascinating insight into the hypnotist's background, formative influences and techniques. It can also be used as a learning resource for the approach that has grown out of his work. Focussed at the bridge between the direct impromptu techniques of the street hypnotist and the artfully vague and ambiguous approach of the therapist, it includes a full breakdown of the structure that Jacquin uses and teaches on his courses. 


MP3 Audio book. Running time is over 5 hours. 


Igor Ledóchowski is an author, hypnotist and Master NLP Trainer. He is best known for his work in the area of covert hypnosis and is the author of The Deep Trance Training Manual and The Power of Conversational Hypnosis. Recognized as one of the foremost experts of hypnosis, he continues to learn from the best and shares his knowledge via his training courses worldwide. 


Introduction Part 1 - Background on Anthony Jacquin. 

Introduction Part 2 - More detail on the approach and routines outlined in Reality is Plastic and the questions they raise. 

Phenomena Part 1 - The meeting point of Ericksonian ideomotor work and impromptu performance. 

Phenomena Part 2 - Progression from one phenomena to the next and how to create routines. 

Street Method Part 1 - Approach, set up and set piece. 

Street Method Part 2 - Induction and intensification. 

Street Method Part 3 - Phenomena and routines.