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Reality is Plastic - Extra Tuition Video - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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The Art of Impromptu Hypnosis 

This video is about hypnosis and how to use it effectively. It will teach you what hypnosis is and how to hypnotise people anytime and anywhere. 


This video features Anthony Jacquin demonstrating and explaining the techniques from the ebook Reality is Plastic: The Art of Impromptu Hypnosis.

All of the exercises collectively known as 'The Set Piece' and each rapid induction are covered in detail. It will give you a sense of exactly how these techniques should be applied. You will get a detailed explanation, a demonstration to camera and a live demonstration too. Attention is given to the subtleties of timing, touch and language that make these techniques work.  


Contents The Set Piece: Magnetic Fingers - Magnetic Hands - Stiff Arm Inductions: Rehearsal - Eye to Hand Fixation - Magnetic Palms - The Handshake - Jacquin Power Lift - Jacquin Power Induction.

Running Time 1.12hrs


 Who is Anthony Jacquin?

Anthony Jacquin is a true talent in the world of hypnosis. Highly qualified and experienced in his field, he is a performer, therapist and trainer.

Anthony has worked with thousands of individuals, one to one and in groups, showing them how to swiftly change their life. He has featured in national and local media and runs an internationally recognised training course. He has worked extensively on stage and with TV companies with his unique brand of stage, impromptu and street hypnosis. His approach and products are highly regarded by magicians and mentalists as well as hypnotists.




"Watched the video footage today - totally awesome! This stuff is so simple, focussed, and full of detail. Absolutely top marks." - James Rolph


"I can honestly say that I was thrilled with what was provided. Anthony clearly and concisely takes you through his routines that are outlined in the book. To have this visual aid to accompany the book would have easily been worth double the price he charges for the book". - Bigdadsav