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Re-Labelled - By Ben Williams - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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The best-selling Labelled just got better! 



Imagine being able to perform Labelled but in a situation where the bottle is already in view and viewable from ALL angles. The bottle can also be produced from a silk if wanted. You sign the label and with a little shake the penetration occurs with no cover, yes, the spectator clearly sees the label penetrate the side of the bottle! Of course the bottle can then be given away as an impossible souvenir.
All of this and more is possible with Re-Labelled, the new add-on to the original effect. All of the restrictions of the original effect have been stripped away to allow for an amazingly visual and impossible piece of magic.
Check out the cheeky video demo to see what possibilities have now been opened up. Note: This is NOT impromptu, but the spectators believe it is!

So what exactly is Re-Labelled?

Re-Labelled will teach the new handling (and lots more!) of the original effect Labelled. The new routine begins with the introduction of the bottle, or it can be standing alone on a table and viewed from all angles, (something not possible with the effect before). The performer then picks up the bottle showing all sides and then signs the label with a marker pen. The bottle is then given a little shake which causes the label to visually penetrate the side of the bottle. You can immediately show both hands empty and then hand out the bottle for inspection where the spectator can clearly see the bottle has never been opened before. The bottle can also be given away as a souvenir.

Taught on the download are:
The new and improved routine with visual penetration
All additions to the set-up required
Another visual penetration with no cover
A hands-off penetration that happen in the spectator's hands
Gregory Wilson's handling of the effect
2 bottle productions to get you into the effect magically. 
Extra tips and ideas.
There is over an hour of footage teaching all of these and subtleties.
To clarify Re-Labelled is an add-on that WILL NOT TEACH THE ORIGINAL CONSTRUCTION OF THE LABELLED BOTTLE so it WILL NOT TEACH YOU HOW TO RETAIN THE SEAL ON THE CAP. For this information, you will need to purchase the original effect 'Labelled', available as a download. If you do not already own the original 'Labelled' instructional video you can download it by clicking HERE 


As the handling is different and the set-up slightly altered it does touch on the subject of making the gaffed bottle, albeit briefly. The one-time construction of any further gimmicks you need to make are explained and all very simple to do. Most households will already have the items required (apart from the drinks bottle of course!)
Gregory Wilson:
'I Love it!'
Nick V (creator of Factory Sealed):
'Labelled is great.
Stunning reactions.

What Ben does in Re-Labelled, his actions are justified.
The kinetic energy presentation draws you in.

His "inside" variation for a signed label is just brilliant.'
Silvio Solaris:
'I feel privileged to receive a preview copy on this awesome effect from Ben. I plan to include it in conjunction with Nicky's Factory Sealed on my street magic demo for German TV.
He doesn't leave a stone unturned and has great customer service in case a question arises.
The handling needs some practice like any other great bottle penetration effect on the market today. In my honest opinion, there are only two outstanding effects up to date and one of those is Re-Labelled.

The tutorial is very easy to follow and comprehend. The gaff is quite easy to make for under ten pounds.
Why? Because the handling and every move is motivated and thought out in detail. Nick V's penetration philosophy:
'In a penetration effect, there are two entities. The object that 'penetrates' and the object that will be penetrated. The latter should be very steady or better not moving at all. The other entity (object) that is passing through should be the 'only' object in motion
This element is utilized in Ben's Re-Labelled effect and I label it 10 out of 10.'