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RE (Blue) by Chris Webb-sale

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A playing card is chosen and the magician tears the card up into four pieces. The four pieces of the selected playing card are displayed then, very fairly, they are restored back together piece by piece, visually, with no real sleight of hand! Of course you have to learn how the gimmickworks but it does all the work for you!At the end of the magic trick you hand the card out for examination.

The RE gimmick is completely self contained and is operated with ease, RE is one of the easiest piece by piece card restoration magic tricks on the market. If you have ever wanted to perform a visual piece by piece restoration of a playing card but have never been able to perform all the palming and remember the sequences of the magic trick then RE is for you.

 Chris Webb also teaches how to construct the gimmick with ANY back design of playing card you wish to use. The restorations and routining are taught with front on and over the shoulder explanations so you get to view every angle whilst learning this fantastic card magic trick. Filmed in HD, every nuance of this stunning card magic trick is taught in full, including how to show all sides of the card within most of the phases, there are also extra tips, subtleties and ideas on how to perform this with a signed card.

Included is a DVD and a hand crafted gimmick (Blue Bicycle rider back)