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Random Acts of Kindness - By Jerome Finley - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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"Jerome...really beautiful stuff. This is the direction I've always hoped that magic would move to...some kind of hybrid combination of therapy, performance art and astonishment." - Paul Harris


"Godspeed" - a psychological illusion for effectively "speeding" time up for a person.

"Always on my mind" - Tools and techniques to assure we are REMEMBERED by our spectators and create natural interest, intrigue and rapport wherever we go.

"A Bright New Outlook" - My take on the "Teardrop" effect in magic and mentalism and how I use it to seal my private readings; a very special moment to be shared when you want and need to create the deepest impact possible. For entertainment purposes only and with DT3's blessing of course!

"In the Madhouse" - an imaginary scene is created in the mind of a participant and EXPERIENCED in real time by the performer! Easy to do and garners wonderful reactions, this piece is ripe with psychological subtleties and ruses. One can apply this work to virtually any drawing duplication or covertly obtained piece of information for a very ‘REAL' feeling revelation.

"The Crimson Wall of Lictalon" - "Building Blocks" type strategies for creating extra phenomenon within all of our performances.

"Playing Card Readings" - a simple system that any magician or mentalist can use to begin giving effective readings with playing cards immediately.

"Into the Twilight" - My own take on the classic Paul Harris effect, "Twilight Angels" for use in magical flavored mentalism and celestial bizarre magic. Comes with GREAT praise from Mr. Harris himself!

"The Ideometer Key" - a presentational ploy for the "Haunted Key" effect. I also tip my hypnotic induction technique with the key as a tool for mild trance like states.

And much more!

Introduction and cover design by Brad "Scarnecky" Gordon.


Please note: Random Acts of Kindness is intended only for those serious in their study of magic techniques and application.  It has not intended for the merely curious.


Here's what others are saying about this work

"I feel a strange sense of pride in the material I found within ‘Random Acts of Kindness.' In my first publication, ‘7 Deceptions, ' I set forth a road to be travelled by performers. This road encouraged building a more personal and affecting relationship with your spectators. It also championed the use of suggestions and related methods in our work. At the time of publication, the book caused something of a stir. People questioned whether this path was a wise one to walk. A few people saw the distant destination and began their own journey. Along the voyage, I have crossed paths with many of these travellers.

Jerome is one of those who lead the way. I have enjoyed seeing Jerome perform his material in a wide and varied set of conditions, from loud nightclubs and bars to formal performances. I can safely say I enjoy watching Jerome perform, and I always take something from his written works, and ‘Random Acts of Kindness' is no different. I have enjoyed the material Jerome sets out within this manuscript in his performances. I took several ideas and inspirations from the book. I recommend this to any serious-thinking performer.

We will see you further down the path." - Luke Jermay

"Jerome...really beautiful stuff. This is the direction I've always hoped that magic would move to...some kind of hybrid combination of therapy, performance art and astonishment. Your presentational work on twilight angels is transcendent" - Paul Harris

"In a near future 'psychology' won't be the little box we use to lock magic down, but the key that those of us willing to study the human mind will use to become true magical beings. At that point a book like this will become an indispensable grimoire for the magicians of the mind." - Enrique Enriquez

"Jerome Finley is one of the rare people who can make magic seem REAL. If you want to learn (and experience) the closest thing possible to REAL magic, then you need ‘Random Acts of Kindness' by Jerome Finley." - Dale A. Hildebrandt

"RAOK is a beautiful collection of the small things that make a massive difference. After reading it i feel encouraged and enlightened to re-examine my own work. The difference between a magician and a mentalist is the subtleties; Jerome has a selection from which I personally learned a lot about how to make what I do all the more impressive and take me to a new level as a performer." - Kennedy