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Quadro by John Carey - Fourteen Methods for Producing Four-of-a-Kind - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Bigblindmedia presents QUADRO: Four Ace Productions by John Carey (BBM218)

Quadro is John Carey's deep dive into 'four ace productions' - techniques to magically produce all four aces (or any four of a kind!) from a shuffled deck.

This is an essential skill for any magician, and while you can perform these as self contained eyepopping pieces of magic you can also use them to start of a longer routine that requires a four of a kind.

John covers fourteen different techniques that range from totally self working to super visual to even letting the spectator do the production for you.

Jump into this fun and entertaining project and you'll never be stuck for producing four of a kind again.

John Carey has hand picked a veritable party bag of his own favorite creations, plus a few classical versions that you will simply love learning. There's visual productions, subtle versions and interactive approaches all within most everyone's skill set. Grab a coffee, pull up a chair and get ready to produce the gruesome twosome awesome foursome!

Here's the contents:

1. Vernon would have loved this. A simple, but beautiful production, inspired by a great Dai Vernon effect.

2. Aces on Time. One of John's favorite productions under the premise of timing oneself to produce the Aces. So simple, but so strong!

3. Slippery Aces. Despite the fact the spectator shuffles the deck, you can instantly locate the aces in four different packets. A great application of a beautiful Ray Goulet idea.

4. Flash Ace Opener. This gem of a production by the late Frank Thompson is a stunner. The illusion of cutting the Aces from different parts of the deck is an uncanny one!

5. Spectator Cuts the Aces. This Ed Marlo effect is a real worker and makes your spectator the star!

6. Super Flip Aces. A beautiful all at once Aces production of Ben Harris you will love using.

7. That Cuts Me Up! A very devious production which is mostly hands off. A real fooler!

8. Flip Flop Aces. Another one of J.C'S favorites. A semi automatic cutting the Aces. In a word- fun!!!

9. Splitsville Aces- You will love this. Carey's approach to producing the Aces in different parts of the deck is very sneaky!

10. Triumphant Aces. A super simple in the hands Triumph effect and production combined.

11. Flippant Aces. A super visual all at once production using a great Looey Simonoff move!

12. You and Me Aces. Carey's interactive production where you and the spectator combine to knock out the Aces is a worker!

13. Miller Aces. Four indifferent cards change in an instant using a lovely Charlie Miller move.

14. A kind of a four! John's semi automatic version of Las Vegas split is super easy but so much fun to do!