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Pulled - By Alan Rorrison - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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The Linking Rings effect is a classic of magic and for good reason: a direct and simple method coupled with the visual aspect of the props have made this a strong hold in most magicians' working arsenals.

So what is wrong with the original that a new one needs to be brought forth? Well, here are a few small points to take into consideration:

  • The old rings are too big for any real world worker
  • They are too expensive in most cases
  • Large rings simply look like a magic prop
  • The routine rarely has any motivation
  • People simply get bored of the routine

Pulled solves all these points and more by taking everyday objects (even borrowed objects) to produce the same visual aspect and giving it a punchy structure. Add the fact that it is easy to replace and perform, and you have a sure fire hit!

Here are a few key points:

  • Pulled is so small, you dont need to worry about space
  • The gimmicks are cheap to make
  • Everything used is an everyday object
  • Every move is motivated and routined
  • The effect is direct and short with a lot of magic

To see what everyone is raving about, take a look at the two demos! You receive both routines in this 30-minute long download along with some golden bonus ideas, So what's stoping you? Get Pulled today!


Here is what the Big guys say:

"Alan Rorrison has PULLED yet another gem out of his magic hat. If you were to perform real-world, real-looking magic, this is it!" -- Mike Giusti



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