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Provoke by Rus Andrews - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Imagine having the ability to shuffle track a spectators thought of card to the top of the deck..


This guide will teach you how to shuffle a card that the spectator is merely thinking of apparently to to the top of the deck. 


'Rus offers you here is an extremely deceptive piece of magic.' - Dorian Caudal


'I like this. A lot. I've been a fan of the "name any card, here it is" genre since the 1970s while living in San Diego. Guys like Paul Chosse, Jerry Camero and I were trying to get "pick a card" tricks trimmed down to the bare bone. Next thing I knew, I was in mentalism.
Picture Vernon's "Out of Sight - Out of Mind" but the spectator can name any card. That's sorta close to what Rus has come up with here with Provoke.

Can you miss? You bet. Deal with it. There's lots of ways. Provoke also requires you're able to handle a deck of cards without dropping them. I've given this some thought and already came up with a Vernon subtlety to increase my chances. I can't speak more on this, since it would tip the method but suffice it to say I will use this.
' - Dan McLean


'Rus provides 2 ways to make your audience name the card you want them to name and I absolutely LOVE the 2nd method he provided. It's so good that I can safely say you won't miss getting the right index. The suit however is the slightly jazzy part and Rus provides some ways to make the effect convincing.

This effect is not supposed to be a showpiece in your act with the way it was taught however I think with a bit of tweaking, it definitely could be. At the very least it's a strong anytime, anywhere type effect if you reveal their thought off card from your wallet or pocket.

I've been looking for things to perform on the fly and this fits the bill for me as I'll perform it by revealing the card from my wallet.
' - Nick Singh


Format: PDF - Ebook