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Now you can show the REAL reason why the £1 coin had to be changed...


The government had to change the £1 coin design because of this little device... With this great illusion you can show what a £1 looks like before it is pressed into a coin. You can then go and demonstrate this by putting the blank in a £1 mould press and turning that £1 blank into a real £1 coin!

This is one of the nicest brass/coin effects we have seen for a very long time. It is a very nice effect, self working, naturally entertaining, can happen in the spectators hands and will most likely become very collectable!

You introduce a £1 blank. What is a £1 blank I hear you ask! Well it is what a £1 coin is before the Royal Mint has pressed it into a coin. The spectator can feel, check and examine this blank.

But what good is a £1 blank if you do not have the moulds to press it into a coin I hear you ask! Well, it just so happens you have got these brass moulds, they are two brass cover discs, one has a tails side of a £1 coin impressed into it and the other has the heads side. These too can be freely examined by the spectator.

You take the £1 blank and place it between these two discs and hand them to your spectator to press down on. They press and then open up the cover discs, the blank is now a complete, freshly pressed £1 coin! And everything can be examined!

It is such a convincing illusion you will be asked why you don't do it all the time! Of course you can always say you would but the £1 blanks cost £1.20!


Please note: This is a magic trick and the device secretly changed the blank into a REAL original £1 coin hidden in the device. This can't be used for the real manufacture of coinage... It really looks like it though...