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Pocket Space Plus by Tony Miller



What is POCKET SPACE Plus?


A spectator names a number (freely chosen). He sees what playing card goes with that number on a small chart that has all 52 cards on it. You produce that card from your (ungimmicked) wallet. Everything fits in YOUR wallet. No sleights. NO decks of cards to carry around.

"The above was the opening words to what would turn out to be one of the most critically acclaimed effects I have ever released. This updating is done with great care to make sure that NONE of the effectiveness of the original was lost while adding only positive touches that make a great effect even easier to do. Please Enjoy!" - Anthony Miller

"Think of it as a combination of acaan and card to wallet. I came up with it after playing with acaan. But I HATED all the dealing and extra decks and all the preparation and fussiness plus all the space they took up...

So I showed it to several people such as Jack Carpenter, John Mendoza, Chad Long, Jason Dean and Todd Lassen. They all gave Pocket Space a unanimous thumbs up. Plus about 100 people at the Midwest Magic Jubilee in St. Louis. Everyone said bring it out... so I am...

I guess the only real problem is that it takes up almost no space and most magicians want a hi-tech gimmick. They won't like this. The whole thing, instructions and all weigh less than an ounce. Those who are expecting a big box of shtuff will be sadly disappointed. But ****! It is a way fun effect!" - Tony Miller

Includes 4 x Business Cards and instruction manual.