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FREE shipping for orders over £40

Pocket Sharpie (DVD and Gimmick)



The game-changing 3 in 1 sharpie marker for magicians' every day use. It allowed you to perform impossible ink moving effects on the fly.

Imagine drawing a design on the spectator's hand with a Mini Sharpie, and moving it to anywhere you want. Your own hand, onto a surface, another object, or another area of the spectator's body.

Simply slap it on your keychain, and it's ready whenever you are.

No chemicals and non-toxic.

Imagine being able to do miracles pocket friendly and manageable Special Sharpie.

Use it as a permanent marker to have a card signed, dry-erase marker for mentalism applications, or even a moving ink marker for some crazy visual effects.

There's no extra chemicals or props to carry around so you don't have to compromise pocket space.

With something so compact, bigger isn't always better.

It's the ultimate tool disguised as an everyday sharpie.