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PING is an awesome piece of visual ‘rub your eyes’ coolness!


The audience sees a bottle of water and a deck of cards. One card is selected, and the corner torn of. The main section of the card is handed to the spectator to keep as a souvenir.

Then an elastic band is brought into play. It is wrapped around the bottle and the corner of card is tucked under the band. You ask them if they have ever seen the card through window effect. OF COURSE they say yes!

You remind them that the cards were sprung at the window. This meant you could never see the moment that the card penetrates the window. You then draw their attention to the bottle.

“Watch the band and you’ll see the moment the corner passes into the bottle”. With a slight shake, the band instantly vanished from the outside of the bottle soon to be seen floating inside the bottle!

Passing through the plastic walls of the bottle. The card piece is still seen in the same place. The bottle is then handed to the spectator who finds out for themselves that the corner is now also INSIDE the bottle. The piece of card they now hold in their hand is of course a perfect match!

You can use the band through bottle as a stand alone effect too!


BONUS: iPack: A cute themed trick showing your spectators just how cool your innovative iPack really is!





Very very strong stuff. Very simple methods, Very Clever and easy to understand! A great effect!” - Luke Dancy (LIVE Review show!)


Clever, Jamie. Well done! - Ben Harris (Magic Cafe)


“A brilliant, simple and visual effect that'll leave your spectators scratching their hands, when they get home they'll get a bottle and an elastic band and play with them for hours trying to work it out.” - Chris Piercy


1st edition 2011 - 15 page - INSTANT DOWNLOAD PDF

Suitable for PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad.