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"Their coin magic is truly amazing! I would recommend their work to anyone who is serious about coin magic."
- Joe Rindfleisch

In the spring of 2003, two Korean amateur coin magicians encountered David Roth and Geoff Latta's magic, leading to a profound fascination with the world of magic that significantly altered their magical pursuits.

Subsequently, a lecture note publishing on May 7th 2013, the leading magic publisher in South Korea, introduced the first Korean coin magic DVD titled Pin Point, which garnered significant popularity in Korea even with the distinct styles and concepts of two magicians within the same genre.

Fast forward to June 2024, the highly anticipated "PIN POINT 2" has been unveiled to the global audience.

This latest release includes eight captivating routines and a bonus routine from the esteemed underground coin magic duo WK & Bobby, who have dedicated two decades to refining their routines.

WK's Routine:

1. Comes and Goes
- The plot involves the sequential appearance and disappearance of four coins. This technique, which may be challenging to execute with actual coins, is simplified for convenient application in any setting through the utilization of Gaff coins.

2. Eluded
- This particular performance received a standing ovation at the 2024 FFFF Convention. The routine aimed to illustrate the concept of a coin-across routine, showcasing the seemingly miraculous movement of coins.

3. Verwandlung
- This routine is a type of stand-up coin routine. It focuses on illustrating the rapid change and transformation of individual coins, creating the illusion that they are surpassing audience's stream of consciousness

4. Missing
- His long journey to find the optimal hand position for retention vanish has come to an end. Among a number of one coin routines, he has developed a routine that selectively showcases elements he deems most aesthetically pleasing. There are two endings for this routine: the utilization of sleeves and alternative strategies for situations where sleeves are not available.

Bobby's Routine:

5. Onstage
- He wanted to create a vibe of stage magic while using classic props such as coins, a silk, and a wand. Based on David Roth's Coin & Silk routine, the routine involves a series of movements that remind of stage manipulation.

6. Geometry
- This routine has three distinct phases. Following the Shadow Coin (also known as Chick-a-Chink) effect, the coins vanish individually, culminating in a rapid one coin Flurry routine. In this routine, Bobby explains how to design and implement the 'Instant Table Pocket System,' devised to effectively manipulate coins silently, both while seated and standing.

7. Reboot
- Wild coin routine over mugs. It includes an opener where four coins appear surprisingly all at once. We also introduce a simple gimmick that can be mounted with open sleeves. This gimmick can be made with everyday materials and is highly utilized.

8. All over the Purse
- He applied his own technique to Tony Slydini's renowned One Coin Routine to address his longstanding inquiry on a more efficient method for producing and initiating four coins without relying on complex maneuvers that may cause strain or difficulty, such as repeatedly manipulating multiple coins.

Bonus: Flipper Flies
- You can learn WK's original flipper coin handling. With that, the existing 3-FLY production can be performed in a more impossible and perfect-clean way.

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