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Pierced & Punctured By Kit Felgate - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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"I like this very much. The preparation of the card box is clever and makes the whole thing very convincing." - Peter Duffie

"It looks and reads excellent." - Wayne Dobson

The visual transposition of two playing cards - Including one card that has been stapled to the top of a playing card box. A well structured routine which includes a fendishly clever 'logic disconnect'.  Your spectator will clearly see both cards some distantance from each other - one is resting face up on the deck and the other is stapled to the playing card box. Instantly both cards switch places.
Remember both playing cards are signed 
You show the audience a deck of playing cards and a regular office stapler. Spreading through the cards, you show they are all different, then shuffle and cut the deck and ask for a spectator to choose a playing card. For example, they choose the six of clubs (have the card signed if you wish). The card is placed to one side as you again cut the deck and ask the spectator to select a card for you, they do, and it is the 9 of Hearts (you can sign your card if you wish).

You then staple the six of clubs to the playing card box, and show the spectator the card face while it is stapled. You then take the 9 of Hearts and slowly rub it over the stapled card. With a loud snapping sound you show two puncture holes have appeared on the back of you 9 of Hearts, you slowly turn it over to show it has in fact changed to the spectators six of clubs. You then slowly peel back and rip off the stapled card to reveal it is now your 9 of Hearts. The cards have changed places under impossible circumstances.

The stapler and the stapled cards help make this a memorable routine. The PDF includes clear instructions and photos.

1st edition 2009; 11 pages.  PDF E-Book Instant Download (2.3MB)





“Terrific effect! Very clean. This is a very good stapled card trick” – Cameron Francis



“Pretty slick. Keep those creative juices flowing!” – Peter Eggink



Having performed it last night for the first time, I can say it was received with gasps.” – Alex D Fisher