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Phoenix Prophecy



The Phoenix Prophecy is one of the hottest mind reading tools to be released in the last few years! Imagine the initials of a spectator's loved one visually appearing before their eyes in burn marks on a borrowed bank note!

This is all possible without helpers or stooges and in real time with the Phoenix Prophecy.
The Phoenix Prophecy allows for an amazing finish to any mind reading routine. Instead of simply revealing a prediction as a written note, The Phoenix Prophecy will allow you to scorch a piece of paper, business card or even a borrowed bank note and have the thought of number, name or info appear in the scorch marks.

The thought of information simply appears right before the spectator's eyes, it is as impressive as it is eery! And the best thing is that The Phoenix Prophecy is VERY EASY to do! It will require minimal practice time and has a plethora of routines and ideas. The Phoenix Prophecy comes with the Phoenix gimmick and instructional DVD which covers all aspects of using this fantastic tool.
If you want to give your spectators a real experience of magic with a mentalism twist then there is no better tool than the Phoenix Prophecy.
Points to remember:
Very Easy to do
No Stooges
No help, this can be performed with no assistance
Can be performed real time with no Pre Show work