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Paul Harris Presents First Hand (AKA Freedom Change) DVD and Gimmick by Justin Miller

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You bring out your wallet and remove four single dollars, fold them in half, and place them onto ANYONE'S OPEN HAND. You can even wrap a rubber band around the four dollars to keep them secure. Your own hand are empty. Your wallet can be shown on both sides. The four dollars are in full view on her hand. But when you gently tap her handful of four dollars... they INSTANTLY CHANGE into FOUR HUNDREDS (Or tens or twenties). Your hands are STILL EMPTY...your wallet can still be shown on both sides... and she can IMMEDIATELY EXAMINE her four changed bills! You never have to touch the bills after they change. 


Easily change blank paper, coupons, lottery tickets,

into UK bank notes!


The moment the change happens, the deed is done and there is nothing else to switch or steal!

  • Change happens in full view on spectator's open hand
  • Very Very easy to do
  • No palming
  • You never have to touch the bills after they change
  • Changed bills can be immediately examined
  • Perform surrounded and in just about all conditions
  • Re-sets in seconds
  • Works with most foreign currency
  • Customize your gimmicks for any bills in two minutes


Plus Two Big Bonus Effects

Big Bonus #1
Justin Miller's No Gimmicks Bill Change:

The NO GIMMICKS, No Palming, Multiple Bill Change!

Just as flashy and easy as the other variations of the classic Pat Page effect: Four one's visually transform into four other bills at your fingertips. But the NO-GIMMICKS BILL CHANGE gives you the freedom to use whatever combination of NORMAL UNPREPARED BILLS you happen to have in your wallet! All the changed bills can be examined and used to pay for a purchase. You can even borrow the dollars form your spectator's to make the change!

Just a five second get ready with your NORMAL BILLS!

Big Bonus #2
Justin Miller's Ka-Ching:

Freedom to pay your tab by visually transforming your STARBUCKS GIFT CARD into FOUR BILLS!

Complete with special First Hand supplies and Jam-Packed instructional DVD.




Is this easy to do?

One of the be-a-u-tee-full things about First Hand is it's true simplicity in method and execution. The gimmick allows you to care about the most important aspect of any magic you present it!


Does this work with UK or Euro Currency Bank Notes?

Yes, turn paper or magazine clipping into cash, Lotto tickets into £10 notes! You can turn any notes into another stack of smaller value notes. Demonstrate a cool 'street swindle technique' where a stack of £10 notes held by the spectator turns into £5 notes when you just tap it with your wallet!


Will this help with promotional work?

Yep. Why stop at changing money? How about using it to change or produce your business card! You will be coming up with your own new and amazing uses for First hand as soon as you watch the DVD and try this out.


Do the dimensions of the wallet you use matter at all?

Not really, as long as it's slightly larger than the packet of bank notes. Money was made to FIT into wallets, hence a wallet HAS to be bigger than the money it is holding, and since credit cards and pictures, and licences are found in wallets as well



Will I need to take a trip to a hobby or supply shop to construct the gimmick?

90% of you will not have to do anything else or buy anything else. Those 10% of you will have to spend a whopping £2-3 more at a fabric store, or arts and craft store. 





'I am changing lottery tickets into £10 notes (the lowest and by far the most popular lottery win in the UK for getting 3 numbers from the available 6 numbers). Its great because you immediately transform worthless pieces of paper (the lottery tickets) into real cash in the spectators hands!

I love it! The effect is very simple, very clean and very visual - what more could you ask for?
The gimmick will take about 5 miniutes (maximum) to make and then youare genuinely good to go. There is enough materials enclosed to make around 4 gimmicks so this gives you the opportunity to make different gimmicks as you choose. The DVD is excellent - clear, concise and detailed explanations of the set up and handling which in truth is very easy and simple and some really good performance hints and tips from Justin along with some great bonus materials. This is a real worker! You can carry it in your wallet and perform it impromptu. Easy to perform, virtually instant reset and the magic happens in the spectators hands. Hence, great for table hopping or in the street. I am both very impressed and very happy with the purchase. Due to its simplicity, ease of performance and visual impact in the hands of the spectator for what its worth I give it a 10/10.' -  TheGreatRaymondo



'I can see myself putting this into my sets, another Bravo!' - Blindside785



'...looks superb! Always stronger magic if it's done in their hand.' - Christopher Congreave



'I think that this change is ridiculously good. It's so simple and such a "Duh!" method yet NOBODY had thought of it until now. Tapping with the wallet is perfectly logical as well since I presume that the wallet will be in play as that would undoubtedly be where one will be taking the bills out of. I like this change though the demo video doesn't make it impressive looking (as it looks like what it is on the video, no way one could get around that). In practice though, this thing will definitely kill and is so much more straight forward with no real angle issues. The best part I feel is the fact that once the change occurs, you don't have to worry about the bills in the person's hands as those bills are clean. The show after the change is also extremely clean for the magician. To top it off, the fact that people will undoubtedly try to pocket the money gives the performer a lot of flexibility and headroom for entertaining patter' - kissdadookie



'I just finished watching the DVD and I, for one, am thoroughly impressed.
There are so many different changes, both gimmicked and ungimmicked on this DVD that you should find one to your liking.

The reset is super fast on all of them. The gimmicked version is a one-time set up which should only take a couple of minutes. I'll be making up my gimmick this afternoon to start practicing. Highly recommended!' - M Sini



'Very impressed with this. This is something all workers will use. 5 mins preparation and after a little practice(not much if you perform regularly) you are good to go.
This has been well thought out and obviously fully tested in the real world. 'Freedom Pack' was jaw droppingly good and so is this.

Even without the gimmicked version, the many changes explained in the impromtu routines are well worth the asking price and you also get 'Kerching' and the' bill wrapped around the card' effect.

These routines are easy to do, but the effect on a lay audience will be shocking. This is the type of material you want when you are hired for 1.5 to 2 hours and you have to get around everyone and show really memorable strong stuff. No fuss just straight to the point.' - Mike Donoghue



'Used mine publicly for the first time tonight, Justin, completely fried people with it. It's soooooooo cheeky!!!! This is definitely staying with me! Congrats on a great product!' - MarcLavelle