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Paul Harris Presents - Envylope (RED)

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Envylope is a visual signed playing card to envelope that will make your spectators instantly gasp.


Paul Harris Presents has done it again!


The signed playing card to envelope has been a classic of card magic tricks for many years. There have been many versions. But we can guarantee you that when you think that no more new ideas can be developed for a certain magic trick someone will come along and prove you wrong. This is exactly the case with Envylope. 


Throughout the years many different versions of card to envelope have been developed and there has always been one thing missing. It is a fantastic magic trick that has always had the impossibility factor, yet it has always lacked the visual aspect. The envelope has always been pulled from a wallet or pocket. Brandon David and Chris Turchi with the help of the Paul Harris Presents team have tackled the bull by the horns on this one and come up with something really special.



First an envelope is shown and examined by the spectator, it is empty and ungimmicked. This is openly placed into your back pocket, no funny business yet! A playing card is then selected and signed by the spectator, this is then replaced back into the deck very fairly.


Then the gauntlet is thrown down. 


You propose to the spectator that you can get their signed playing card to magically teleport from the deck to the envelope in less than a second. Even though it sounds impossible in an instant, with no cover, the deck of cards changes into the envelope. The envelope can be shown 360 degrees and there is no sign of the deck of playing cards, there is nothing else in your hands!


The envelope is opened up and the spectator themselves pull their signed card out from it. The deck of playing cards is now shown to be in your back pocket, a complete and instantaneous transposition of a deck and an envelope.


With gimmicks made by Daryl Vanamburg you know you will receive outstanding quality. This really is Paul Harris' original vanishing deck concept brought up to date.


Points to remember


Easy to do


No Palming


Insanely Visual

Resets in Seconds


No Difficult Sleight of Hand


Use Envylope to produce other items


No sleeves necessary


Envelope can be shown 360 degrees after the transformation



Q & A


Can the envelope be examined?


Yes. This happens with a super easy, no sleights pocket switch for a normal envelope. However, it's very unlikely in real work performance you would even need to do this.


At the beginning a normal envelope is examined and goes into your pocket. So it's already been established as a normal envelope. You have the shocking, visual change from the deck of playing cards to the envelope.This puts all the focus on the playing card inside the envelope. Finally you take out the vanished normal deck out of a pocket creating another strong magic event.This pulls attention over to the deck of cards. At this point you place the envelope is casually into a pocket. If your spectators really want to examine it, you just take out the original regular envelope from your pocket and hand it out You also get taught a "live" pocket switch, that happens as the deck of cards is produced.



 Do I need cover or switching to make the envelope change?


No. The visual change of the deck of playing cards into the envelope happens just as you watched it in the demo video. There's no cover and no switching required to make this happen. The change is in full view, just like on the trailer video.



Can I use a normal deck of playing cards?


Envylope comes in a regular Bicycle Playing Card design and they teach a version on the DVD in which you begin with a regular deck. You it into the box for a moment while the playing card is being signed, then pull out the deck from the box and go directly into the trick. A load of practical variations are also taught to you for all styles and preferences. 



Can Envylope be performed surrounded?


Yes, can also be done surrounded. The techniques are covered in detail on the DVD. The right side (which is the weak spot) can be covered with a very casual handling and grip that is shown to you in detail.



Can I use other types of playing cards?


As mentioned, Envylope comes in a regular Bicycle Playing Card design. You can, if you wish to, adapt the gimmick to any deck of playing cards. Perhaps Tally-ho or Bee...  Just make a colour copy of your preferred card back and attaching it with some non permanent photo mount. However, the gimmick Paul Harris Presents has developed, is made out of a super high standard vinyl, so it won't be prone to cracking or being worn down though repeated use. When you make your own 'back' out of a photocopied piece of paper, you will get several uses but after a while your image will develop a white line or crack where the magic happens. So you will need to replace your custom gimmick more often.