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Pasteboard Adventures - By David Gemmell - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Introduction by Jon Racherbaumer

A few years ago Eugene Burger introduced a useful phrase to Cardopia-one that partially describes what passionate card guys do on a regular basis: to overly indulge themselves in the "antics of the pasteboards." Antics is the apt word because it evokes other defining words: playful, fantastic, theatrical, whimsical...


Those who memorialize their personal "antics" realize the nature of their acts. They take notes. They experiment. They produce books that entail these activities. In David Gemmell's case, his creative foray into the intricacies and subtleties of card magic is an adventure. He believes such books should be filled with "unexpected excitement," sudden turns, unforeseen outcomes, and intriguing discoveries. And he writes for card guys that share this enthused and discursive approach.

Rest assured, David took the time to record-as diarists are wont to do-to preserve the findings of his personal journey. Therefore, consider this book his latest diary. This 46-page diary invites you to take various treks, many covering well-traveled paths, plus the new ones David made along the way. Seasoned card guys will recognize several popular motifs- the Four Robbers, The Collectors, Fusillade, Overcast, as well as various Sandwich and Speller effects. Like most books of this kind, it is rich in combinatorial fare. New connections are made and cross-pollination rules the day. (Check out "Think-a-Card-Across Poker," which mixes the Princess Card Trick with Blindfold Poker.)

All in all, David provides 18 "adventures" for hard-core experimentalists and fellow travelers to play with. In addition, lots of credits are cited, which permit further investigation. Students can then track various "points of inspiration," "flash-points," and "jumping-off places" to round out their education.


I love the ambiguity of the image of the cover. Against the orange-blazing background (which may be a glorious dawning), there is a man connected to a taut life-line. He could be rappelling downward. He could be preparing to bounce upward. He could be merely suspending in midair. Nevertheless he is clearly in the middle of something-something antic and adventurous. Perhaps this symbolizes the hard-core cardman's tacit credo?

This seems to be one of David Gemmell's guiding principle and the current diary now in your hands is testament to it. So...I suggest hanging in there with him. Take the plunge. Consider the climb. Then report back to me.


From me to you......

Welcome to this collection of Adventures with the Pasteboards. Within this book you'll find anumber of different effects, everyone of which has been performed many times for a paying audience. I have opted for a bare bones approach to presentation, enough to give you the reader a starting point. Presentation I feel is a very personal thing that has to fit in with the personality of the performer.

I have wherever possible, described any special moves or sleights used. The skill levels vary from effect to effect, but all are within the reach of most magicians. I have been into Magic for 30 years and although I have worked many many times for paying audiences I still, from one perspective see myself as a student of the art, so some of these effects came about through challenges or sessions with other magicians. I hope some may do the same for you. - David Gemmell 2009.


The Four Robbers Trick Re-Visited
Easy as One Two Three
Mega Sandwich on the Run
Think-A-Card Across Poker
Spell-Searchers for Two
Spell-Searchers Addendum
Re-Dividing the Capacity
Cast over Cast
Triple Sandwich Change
Free 'n' Easy with Uncle Sid
Bakers Dozen
The Last Stand
Last Stand Addendum
In Lieu of a Faro
Another way