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FREE shipping for orders over £40

Pareidolia Thoughts By Pablo Amira - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Pareidolia: The desire to associate a vague stimulus as something the person already knows. For example, this may be the reason people often interprete the marks on Mars as canals, or creating shapes in cloud formations, or even hearing secret messages in reversed audo recordings.

Harness this phenomena in your magic tricks and you can do some unbelievable magic.

Pareidolia Thoughts will teach you the technique to allow you to control your spectators mind and force thought, in a direct, easy, practical and clear way. It's essential trainingfor any magicians wanting to develop their mentalism skills.


NO preshow work required

NO stooges needed

NO language restrictions

Fast and easy to use


You can do so much with this professional technique

Drawing similarities between 2 spectators

Pre-Show set ups

Any playing card at any number tricks

Drawing Duplication magic tricks

and a lot more




'Pareidolia Thoughts is an extremely flexible principle.

A great book by Pablo, I highly recommend it!' - Mauricio Jaramillo


'Pareidolia Thoughts" is a routine of which he should be rightly proud.' - Dave Moses