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PARADOXES by Paul Lelekis mixed media - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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THREE Beautiful Routines, COMPLETE WITH 5 VIDEOS, an Intro discussing Paradoxes, as well as numerous examples, and plenty of paradoxical pictures and phrasings for your enjoyment!

When we, as magicians perform, we do things that are unlikely, improbable, or perhaps even artistic.

When we perform PARADOXES, we create events that are not just unlikely to occur...but are, instead, absolutely impossible!

These routines are seriously strong closers (or can be used as powerful openers) and will fool even the most knowledgeable of magicians... if they are not already familiar with them.

Paul A. Lelekis presents three, full scale routines that absolutely defy all logic... in other words... they just CANNOT happen!

These routines have full, fanciful patter and Paul guides you through every step of the way with short videos of Paul performing the easy-to-do sleights needed with psychological tips and all of the misdirection required. These are very, VERY clever effects!

Understand that not only are the sleights explained, but even more importantly, the psychological subtleties used for a confident performance - and this is very important!

REVENGE OF THE KNERDS - One of Paul's absolute favorite tricks of all time - and will be yours too! A PARADOX with a borrowed deck if you wish! The spectator picks out any four cards, completely her choice, and then her signed card is placed amongst the four unknown cards.

The performer makes that card turn invisible, and then the spectator lays that invisible card onto the deck...with a magic pass, the magician makes that signed card turn VISIBLE, right before her eyes! Don't run... this is very, very easy to do!

Then the five card packet is counted and found to contain ONLY four cards...guess who? - the four mischievous Jacks!

This is a REALLY amazing and fun routine to perform...but it's still not possible!

A "DILL"-Y OF A PARADOX - A plot by Paul and a very BRILLIANT, unknown sleight by Dean Dill that makes a card, protected by the spectator, impossibly change into a SIGNED SELECTION! This is NOT Bro. John Hamman's effect!

The beauty of this Paradox is its simplicity - and its impossibility. "The more they watch, the less they see, the less they see, the better for me!" A FANTASTIC EFFECT!

JEWEL OF THE WILE - A fanciful journey to a medieval time of Kings, Queens, Knerdy Knights, dungeons, dragons, and - WITCHES! A beautiful story about a King's very valuable Ace of Diamonds and what he does to protect it - with an absolutely impossible ending...and be forewarned...this time the Wicked Witch wins!

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