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Paper Hercules by Bacon Magic

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What are the functions of paper?

Paper is one of the carriers of thought. Books, paintings, music scores, letters... Human culture or emotions can be carried on such paper products. So what about using paper as a carrier of substance? With a piece of paper to support the weight... At first glance, it seems impossible. A plain piece of paper doesn't have much support. But the traditional Chinese trick, "paper man holding bowl", offers a different answer.

The effect of "paper man holding bowl" is as follows:

The performer begins with a piece of paper cut into a human shape and an empty bowl. After the audience checks the two items to make sure they are ordinary, the performer nails the paper to a wooden post and sticks the "paper human's hand" to the edge of the bowl. Then the performer releases his hand...

The sound of the bowl breaking does not sound, because the bowl does not fall down, but is firmly held by the "paper man"! The audience is amazed, but the performer thinks that it isn't heavy enough, so he adds some water to the bowl... The paper man can still carry a bowl full of water!

Performer only need to set up a few props to achieve such a visual impact. Inspired by this, Bacon Magic presents a new product, the "Paper Hercules"

"Paper Hercules" is redesigned and improved based on the original prop, and made by 3D printing. Its material is thermoplastic engineering plastics, with better strength and durability. And it is small, so you can quickly get it down when you finish the show, and then ask the audience to check out the bowls, nails, "paper man" and other props.

The product also comes with an ordinary porcelain bowl, which we have tested and confirmed to be a good match with the gimmick. You can perform directly with this porcelain bowl. Of course, you can also use other items that fit the gimmick.

Note: the product included:
  • 1 gimmick prop, 1 porcelain bowl, 1 nail;
  • Scissors, hammer and paper should be provided by yourself.