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Outside the Box-sale

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By Nathan Kranzo


Prepare to be fooled. Not a polite and congenial fooling; but a down and dirty ‘fool the stinkin’ pants off you’ fooling! Nathan Kranzo truly thinks outside the box. You want different? Nate gives you a double dose of different. Explore his fresh new plots, innovative methods, and frantic flourishing. ‘Diabolical’ is sometimes overused in magic, but there isn’t a better word that describes Nate’s work. You’ll truly feel what it’s like to be a layman again.

Included on this DVD are Nathan’s most popular pieces - wildly original routines with their devious handlings. It’s jam-packed with ‘do that again’ mysteries that are designed for the strolling performer. Contains:

International 3-Fly- A radical right turn for the famous 3 Fly plot using 3 different coins.

Jumbo Coin Vanish- The clean vanish of a jumbo 3’ coin - and both hands can be shown empty!

Volcanic Coin Drop- a borrowed quarter and lit match into your hand - A foot-high flame shoots out of your fist!! Moments later smoke slowly rolls out of your hand and the coin is handed back COMPLETELY BENT IN HALF!

Coin through Silk- A silver dollar visually penetrates in and out of a sheer see-through silk. The last penetration happens in the spectator hands, and you end totally clean.

Queen Routine- At the end of show-off cut, the queen appears TWICE!! For the climax, a freely named Queen miraculously transforms into the selection. Nathan includes his description of his wonderful ‘In the Hands Freeman’.

Double Sandwich Revelation- Two selections are found with flash and panache! If you like the Buck Twins’ work, you'll love this effect.

Hot Sauce- A packet of hot sauce appears from a burst of fire. When opened, smoke slowly rolls out the top!

Backasswards Travellers- A revolutionary handling of the classic ‘Travellers plot - with a surprise backfire and practically no work.

Peak Vanish- The deck vanishes at your fingertips leaving you only with the spectators’ selected cards!

Credit Card Vanish and Recovery- A barehanded vanish of a credit card, drivers license, I.D. - you name it!