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Outside The Box - By Jimmy Strange



Sometimes.. All it takes is to think outside the box! 

Have a spectator freely choose ANY card and have them sign it. 

It’s lost in the deck, which in turn is replaced back inside it’s card box, before being locked between the spectators hands.

It’s secure, like ‘test conditions,’ trapped between their palms..

Now you look them in the eye and tell them to think outside the box. At that moment they feel something happening. The card arrives under the box, right into their hands. 

That’s a great moment of surprise, as they feel the card escape!

It really is THEIR SIGNED CARD!  No switches, no sleight of hand.. One moment it’s inside, then next it’s under the card box.

Outside the box is easy to do, has an instant reset and is practical from any angle.. Best of all.. The playing cards are ungimmicked so you can use them before and after the trick.

Outside the box comes with everything you need to perform it straight out of the box!  You get the deck, all set and ready to go, plus full video training to get you up and running right away. The method is as simple as it gets, so if you can place a deck of cards into its card box, you can perform this.