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Outfoxed - The Lecture Notes of Wayne Fox



On the 12th October 2009 Wayne Fox presented his new lecture "Out Foxed" to a full theatre at The Magic Circle Headquarters London. This lecture is his "no holds barred thinking" on his brand of Close Up Magic for restaurants. These are the notes from his lecture, stuffed full of real world material that is not only creative but original as well.

Wayne is an Associate of The Inner Magic Circle and with his award winning Technical Abilities towards magic, there is a chance here to learn original "Sleights" and cleverly thought out misdirection, for visual card tricks, coin magic as well as mindreading. All taught in a relaxed and entertaining manner.

All of Wayne's magic is tailored to the working individual, which means that none of these effects are pipe dreams, they have all been tested in the real world as part of Wayne's personal repertoire.