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Origin - By Dee Chistopher - Magic Tricks and Mentalism - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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For more than 15 years, Dee Christopher has been training magicians and mentalists around the world.

With his new ebook Origin, he has collected his very best work (including unique material never before released to the magic community). He teaches his most coveted magic tricks and mentalism techniques, in over 300 pages.



- 5020: This will make you a human lie detector!

- LOKI: Know which poker chip sits in your Spectator's pockets without the need for peeking and without special gimmicks.

- TURNOVER 23: Smack down an odd backed prediction of a named card and  you get it 110% right

- SYLLACODE: A two person secret coding concept.

- MORSE: Make an audience member become a mind reader.

- SYN: A single coin will ben visually as another coin warps in an audience members hand. They will say they feel it actually bend.

- MIRROR: Can you predict a spectators shuffle? Yes, you can with this technique. 

- MACHINE: An amazing demonstration of automatic writing. One person thinks of a word and the other writes it , even though they have no idea how they did it!

- THE NEW BLACK: A thought of word is written on a thought of ESP card, placed in an envelope that has always been in full view  full view!

- TURNOVER BEND: Awesome metal bending method.

- SIX:SIX: A unique forcing principle  developed from a very old magic trick.

- EX: You can know which object will be selected before it even is!

- DICHOTOMY: An Out of This World magic trick  perfect to do, without the need for a table surface!

- SEVENS: An audience member slides an envelope freely into a shuffled deck. The Bicycle Playing card in the envelope matches the card inside the deck!

- ASHES: The spectator names a suit, that's the one that burns.

- IMPRINT: Finally, an easy to do marking system.

- BROKEN WINGS: A special pad with which you can force any information, peek at information, create automatic writing effect.

- LEGION: An huge concept with playing cards that only has a one time set up and will allow you to do totally hand's off forces, hallucination magic tricks and more! 

- CRONOS: A total locked box prediction that will make it possible for you to do amazing psychokinesis!

- TECHNOKINESIS: You can click a button on a Blackberry phone using just your aura.

- THE TOUCH: A two person coding technique suitable for everywhere and anywhere. under super clean conditions.

- SCAR: Visually HEAL a scar on your hand! 

- EPOCH: Tell the date and value on any coin that is handed to you. Even though you hold it in your closed fist.

- CAST: An astonishing book test device to go in your wallet which is completely invisible even in plain sight! 

- BLINDED:  A professional quality cueing method. 

- DREAMCATCHER: A full impromptu mind reading routine.

- VANITY: The veins in your hand visually move and twist themselves into a prediction!


MAGIC ESSAYS (Page 259) 
EPILOGUE (Page 280)