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One Step Further - By Chris Piercy - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Chris Piercy - Creator of Pierced - Signed Card in Balloon brings us his latest card magic trick: One Step Further.

One Step Further is a fully road tested professional card magic trick that is guaranteed to please.

This card magic trick begins small...You change a random playing card into the spectator's selection. Not being content with that you proceed to take the magic trick One Step Further..

You take the previously shuffled deck of playing cards that are mixed face up, and you use your skills in 'time travel' to turn all the cards face down again, miracle number 2!

Still not content with the outcome of this card magic trick, you decide to take it One Step Further AGAIN and reformat the deck so that it is once again back in its new deck order, Ace through King!

One Step Further has been extensively audience tested in all sorts of different environments such as bars, restaurants, weddings. Chris has also tested this routine in every one of his sets at the famous Illusions Magic Bar in Bristol.



I really like it a lot! I love Sankey's Back In Time and this is a really nice addition to the routine. Very well thought out. - Cameron Francis (Creator of Wallet Transformer and Fresh Mint)

This is a really well thought out, commercial, hard hitting routine, I'd also add that Chris has done a great job with the PDF, well written and really clear photos. - Chris Congreave (Creator of Childsplay and The Light)

Chris showed me this didn't see the kicker coming well done this has taken back in time to the next level this is now my Favorited versions of this plot. - Keiron Johnson (creator of To The Max)

This is a very nicely thought out sequence with a super strong finish. Well done Chris - John Carey (Creator of 24Seven and Carey On)

Smart thinking here adding to an already amazing plot, this takes it as chris has called it 'one step further' - Rus Andrews (Creator of Dual Edge and Dexplode)

I will definitely perform this,a great opener that isn't too hard to do and truly looks magical.
Resets as well, if you wish to perform it to another crowd. - Kyle MacNeill

 This is a very practical handling for triumph as well a commercial approach to this classic, the handling is well within the reach of the average magician and will be an added bonus to a working pro... Well done Chris. - Doctor REvil


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