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FREE shipping for orders over £40

Omniscent - By Cedric Taylor - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Omniscent is a versatile Q&A routine that is simple, easy to perform and has a great scope for being tailored to your own performances.

A Q&A routine is one of the most powerful demonstrations of mind reading possible and using the technique taught with Omniscent you will have a Q&A routine that you can do without having to stay on stage! That’s right you can walk about the audience as you pluck thoughts from spectator’s heads, it gives the overall feel that you are genuinely doing what  you claim to be doing - reading minds!

Omniscent can be used as it is intended for a Q&A routine that requires a very small amount of pre show or you can use the special pad you create for many other routines such as drawing duplications and word reveals etc.

For performances from 5 - 5000 you can use the Omniscent routine to give a very natural experience of mind reading to your audience.

Download Omniscent Instantly and learn this great mentalism routine now.