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Omni Pen - DVD and Gimmick




If you have heard of or perform the Omni Deck I think you most certainly have to hear about the Omni Pen! 

The Omni Pen is a completely clear Sharpie pen that has been custom designed to match a Sharpie so you can perform the classic Omni Deck routine with your Sharpie as well! Use it as a stand alone effect or use it as a kicker finish to your Omni Deck routine. If you use the Omni Deck you already know the power it has and the reactions it gets from spectators. It is off the chart! Spectators literally jump out of their skin with disbelief, now you can cause their entire world to collapse around them as you seemingly show you can turn anything to 'glass' with the Omni Pen.

The OMNI PEN has been custome built in two parts, the body of the Sharpie and the lid, it has been made from clear, scratch resistant acrylic. These parts have been designed with precision so that you can fit a regular Sharpie lid onto the Omni Pen or fit the Omni Pen lid onto a regular Sharpie.

The OMNI PEN comes with a matching Sharpie and a DVD with three great routines.


Spencer Wood presents 'OMNI PEN'

Spencer uses the Omni Pen as a whole routine where he performs his favourite signed card routine. AS the routine ends the deck of playing cards first goes clear, then as a kicker that brings the house down the pen they have been holding the whole time also turns clear in their hands!

Mathew Youngs presents 'Re-Captivated'

This is a fast and furious jazz routine with a Sharpie. The lid of the pan is vanished only to be found on top of the spectator's hand! Then the body of the pen disappears and reappears. Then the kickers start as the lid is turned clear in the spectator's closed fist and then you visually pull the colour from the Sharpie leaving everything clear! 

Craig Petty presents 'Sharp Reloaded'

Inspired by Greg Wilson, Craig Petty teaches 'Sharp'. Sharp is a routine that Craig uses all the time in his professional work. You perform some misdirectional vanishes with the pen and the lid with them both ending up behind your ear at some point then of course as the kicker finish you turn the whole pen clear!