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Oil and Water "In Crescendo"

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By Cesar Alonso - Cesaral Magic

An audience member points to a card from the French deck, and the Magician takes the four cards with the same number. The spectator chooses and holds the red or black ones and the Magician the other two cards. Up to six different times and with “in-crescendo” degrees of difficulty, the spectator’s cards are mixed or alternated with the magician’s cards, but at the end of the magic pass the same colors gather (this is what happens when Oil and water are mixed…). The fourth time the mix of cards is done, the Magician makes a whole in the place selected by the spectator, and puts a clasp in the four cards, but even in those conditions, the cards change places. At the end, even the spectator is able to do the same by himself.

This effect can be done even with a borrowed deck of cards (Great for performing it to Magicians…!).

Important points

With this Oil and Water routine you won’t need to do any other Oil and Water effect

Cards are combined with hardware (for making the whole and putting the clasp)…It is not just a plain card trick

Very easy to perform with little technique used

Can be done in almost every situation, sitting or standing.

And… No sleights are needed to do this effect!

Difficulty level 1 (Basic sleights/self working)