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Octopalm: Anti-Gravity Gel



You can now accomplish in your two hands, what would normally take eight.

Octopalm: Anti-Gravity Gel has been created to stick almost any lightweight object to your skin, without any sticky residue. It means you don't need to use double sided sticky tape. You can forget about needing glue dots. No more sticky adhesives. No more tacky wax.

Octopalm is the most cutting edge adhesive since magician's wax. This is a completely new chemical construction that, when applied in small doses to the skin, can give you the abilities of a gecko's touch by adhering small objects to your hand, arm, fingers, even your forehead. Objects want to stick to YOU. No sticky residue means you have the freedom to produce, vanish and change small objects at will, like never before.

Wouldn't it be cool if your skin could be magnetic to just about anything? Solved. Ever needed to quickly hide a coin on the back of your hand? Job done.

Touch your skin and it feels smooth. Press a coin to it and it fuses to your hand like superglue. Take the coin off to find no sticky leftovers. The uses are endless.

  • New, never before seen utility item
  • Sticks almost any small object to the skin
  • Provides gecko-like ability to do incredible magic tricks
  • Leaves your skin smooth - no residue or stickiness
  • Thousands of uses - possibilities are infinite
  • Compact for travel. You can pop this in your pocket or throw one in your close up bag
  • Totally superior to skin adhesives like wax, glue dots, double sides sticky tape
  • Easy to apply of the go, ideal at gigs or for impromptu use
  • Long lasting - A little will go a very long way
  • You get a 90 minute detailed instructional video with multiple tricks, routines, tips, tricks & performance ideas. The access code for the video is printed on the tub of Octopalm so you can start learning awesome techniques right away.


"Pick some of this up and you won't be able to put it down... That's how you know it's working."
- Zach Heath

"This stuff is phenomenal! Octopalm can help in so many ways! What you can do with Octopalm is up to your imagination. I'm all for this, two thumbs up!"
- Casshan Wallace