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Nut Dropper (DVD & Gimmicks) by Matthew Wright

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 Instantly load any small object inside a walnut,

inside a handed!


This is Nut Dropper - The "borrowed itemmade to appear in an impossible location" is one of the core magic tricks and for good reason. It always creates amazing reactions and amazement because the props belong to the spectator. Nut Dropper can provide great comedy, connections, surprise and suspense. A modern classic of professional magic tricks, yet very easy to do.

You receive a 2 DVD set, three different magic tricks are taught.  They are pretty much complete magic acts.

Matthew Wright:

The first, "The Wizard's Apprentice" is my full twenty minute opener to my cabaret show. This magic tricks been tried and tested hundreds of performances to live audiences with excellent results.

I also include  a full explanation of my finger ring on string as well as my Cups & Balls magic trick that helped me win The Magic Circle Close-up Magician of the Year in 2008.

The second routine is my "Double or Nothing" Bar Set.

A full twenty minute gambling act featuring a "which hand" prediction trick where not only do you correctly guess three times which hand an item is in, but also show that you had predicted the result from the very start. Also taught is the "Double or Nothin' Playing Card Deck" which is one of those awesome pick-a-card predictions. The act ends with my three shell routine one of my professional bar magic tricks, performed for over ten years.

The final trick on the DVD is possibly my favorite of all the magic tricks. It is a fun, strong, easy and very useable walkaround table trick. "The Orange Nutwork" is where a borrowed sim card vanishes and reappears inside a walnut inside an orange. This is one of those perfect closer magic tricks for any close-up performance.

The DVD also teaches you:

The Marvelous Lippincott Vanish.
I am very proud of this. It uses a regular Liipincott box in a new and very puzzling way. It is a very fair vanish and will leave your spectators with no way to work out when your item was taken.

The Roy Johnson Envelope Switch.

This one is genius. I can take no credit for this but can only thank Roy for allowing me to include it on the DVD. It is the cleanest way of swapping a small item inside an envelope.

This is something you will use for loads of routines.

The DVD also has many bonus magic tricks added:

  • Extra magic tricks that use the gimmicks on the DVD.
  • A "Match of The Day" style punditry that teaches you how and why I do the things I do in my magic tricks. This is a unique and forward thinking feature to this DVD.
  • You will also get the "Marvelous Nut Dropper" gimmick which gives you the power to instantly load a small object inside a walnut, inside a fruit, one handed.

These magic tricks are ideal for every type of magician at all levels of experience. They can be used close-up, parlour or stage and range from totally self working magic tricks to some very hard brain frying sleight of hand.

Note: This DVD was made in the UK, DVD may not be compatible with most stand-alone US DVD players, but it will play on a PC with DVD-Rom drives.