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Now Boarding by Jeremy Pei

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A classic that has been given a fresh and up to date twist- this is the perfect opening routine for my cruise ship show
- Paul Romhany, International Comedian and Magician

The restored map is a perfect finale for your trilogy of pre-traveling mishaps
- Gene Anderson A Highly Entertaining Comedy Magic Presentation With A Stunning Finale!

Inspired by the late, great Tommy Wonder and his fantastic Ring, Watch and Wallet routine.

The magic trick starts with you describing your latest venture abroad and how it all nearly went terribly wrong. Being an organised person it is only natural the you would make sure all of your money, passport and maps were safe and packed ready for your trip. However it seems that no matter how much you feel like you are prepared for this trip it is destined to be more challenging than you had first anticipated!

When travelling to the airport you realise that your map has been shredded up by the dog into pieces! When paying for the cab you also realise that you have not picked up your money from the kitchen work top when leaving the house, instead you left with a whole bunch of receipts and vouchers that belong to your wife! And as if it couldn't get any worse you also notice that your passport is nowhere to be seen, it is not in the holder you always keep it in. An absolute nightmare for anyone travelling, or should we say, not travelling any more! After telling the audience about this tale you confess to them that this didn't happen in real life, it was a nightmare you had the night before travelling. When you woke up that morning you show to the amazement of the audience that the vouchers have transformed back into the money, the passport is back in its holder and of course the map is fully restored into one large piece!

"NOW BOARDING" is a tried and tested routine in Jeremy Pei's professional repertoire. The complete act packs small and plays big for even the largest crowd in an area!
Perfect for Emcees, Comedians, Stage and Parlor acts!

Jeremy Pei's one-handed Fan of Bills transformation
Custom Designed Map Restoration Set
All Leather Himber Passport Wallet
Instructional DVD with BONUS Material

Produced and Manufactured by Alan Wong