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Novo By Alan Rorrison - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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This is the bill switch that Alan goes to when he wants to leave his spectators absolutely stunned.

Novo lets you take one bill from your spectator and with a wave of your hand you will be able to change it to a completely different banknote. Instantly you can hand this out to be checked, there is nothing funny or fishy about Novo. We wanted you to see Novo exactly like the spectator see it. Not cuts, no fancy edits and no messing about. So here is the Novo demo which is a one take live shot. Enjoy.


 'I love NOVO, the visual reminds me of an old Sean Fields release that looked great, but I found a little fiddly to get the hang of myself. 

Novo works perfectly though and is really easy to do; there are plenty of applications too due to the downward 'swipe' motion... Perhaps burning a message into a receipt could look cool - I'll have to give it further thought, but as far as the technique and value goes - It's five stars from me!' - Dee Christopher