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Nothing In Transit 2.0

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"Many card tricks fool, but only a select few can be called a MIND F**K! This belongs in that category!" - DAVID REGAL

"I LOVE this trick! Nothing In Transit is pure eye-candy and this update makes it even easier to perform. A modern classic!" - RODDY McGHIE

A blank card with a one inch diameter ‘portable hole’ is displayed. Suddenly, the hole instantly and visually jumps to a selected card.

Then, in a moment of pure, slow-burn magic, that same hole is seen to gently migrate across the selection IN SLOW MOTION and seamlessly shift onto the blank card once again. Both the selection and the ‘portable hole‘ can now be examined.

Why 2.0...? Upon it’s original release, Dave Forrest’s ‘moving hole on playing card’ effect, ‘Nothing In Transit’, took the magic world by storm. A complete sell-out after its debut at the Blackpool Magic Convention was followed by rave reviews and thousands of units sold worldwide. Now, with ‘Nothing In Transit 2.0’, the clever, hand crafted gimmicks have been re-designed to eliminate the one small ‘glitch’ that would occasionally arise during performance.

These newly designed gimmicks make the impossibly visual, slow-motion journey of a real hole in a playing card look even better than before and allow you to perform this unfathomable close-up illusion with 100% confidence.

Contents: Precision-made, newly designed gimmicks and a link to thorough video instructions.