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No Man's Land Series (VOL 1) by Mr Kiyoshi Satoh - Book

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Some say that magic books are the best way to learn magic tricks, and we agree!

Today we are proud to present the first English Book Set released By TCC.

A collection of treasured works by Japan's King of underground magicians, Mr. Kiyoshi Satoh, from the past 40 years, previously unavailable to magicians outside of Japan.

Over the past 40 years, he has created a staggering number of works, but very few of them have ever been published. The only way to learn his magic was solely through his books published in Japanese.

Now we finally have his Books in English - No Man's Land (Volume 1 & Volume 2). (Each sold separately).

And 8 performance videos where shot for these two works. Details are in the description below.

We have put a lot of details into the typesetting and design of the book, and we also shot performance videos for each individual effect. Hope this would provide you with a better reading experience. We invite you to come experience it for yourselves.


Who is Kiyoshi Satoh?
Mr. Kiyoshi Satoh is a name unfamiliar to most, as he was to me.

Stories about him are mostly from word of mouth, but the words 'strong', 'master', and 'god-like', are most often heard.Japanese close-up Nobuyuki Nojima once said - "Mr. Kiyoshi Satoh is the king of Japan's underground magicians."

The word 'Underground' should be preceded by the word 'True'. Online search engines and his Facebook page reveal little about magic, except for a photo of him and Bebel when they were young. Mr. Kiyoshi Satoh is one of Japan's leading researchers and magic creators. Over the past 40 years, he has created a staggering number of works, however, very few of them have been published. Nevertheless, every magician who has met Mr. Kiyoshi Satoh in person was impressed by his talent.

When Mr. Kiyoshi Satoh released some of his work in Japan, it became an immediate sensation. Many of his effects were impressive. Countless young magicians have become his fans, and we can even call a considerable number of them to be his 'followers' because of their enthusiasm.

Previously, the only way to learn from Mr. Kiyoshi Satoh was solely through his books published in Japanese. Now we finally have his Books in English--No Man's Land series (Volume 1 & Volume 2).

No Man's Land series was edited by Houlin Li and translated by Peter Gao. Houlin Li learned of Mr. Satoh's magic when he was in Japan and was attracted by its charm. He got permission to publish Mr. Satoh's magic through long-term communication.

What's inside the book?
No Man's Land series progresses from simple to profound, with detailed notes on all the techniques involved.

No Man's Land Vol 1 contains:
  • Two core techniques.
  • Two pure sleights of hand packet tricks.
  • Seven packet tricks utilizing gaffed cards.
  • One interview.
  • 155 pages: Full color printing - Hardbound
  • 46 Illustrations.
  • Comes with all the special gaffed cards for you to start learning right out of the box.
  • Performance video of each routine. (Performed by Chinese underground magician Peter Gao)
Most of the routines in the book will use Mr. Kiyoshi Satoh's core technique: The Townsend Count. The reasons why Mr. Kiyoshi Satoh's magic is unique and its real power are described in detail in the interview, and this technique will surprise you when you understand it.

QR codes are included at the beginning of each effect. Scanning the QR code brings you to a full performance demo video on Vimeo (Performed by Chinese underground magician Peter Gao). I believe that this helps you learn and understand the routines faster.[Note that the handling in the performance may not be performed exactly the same as described in the book. Some personal touches and improvements are added to Mr. Satoh's version in some routines. I hope you can also create your version based on the original.]

Learn, research, improve, create. I hope you like the tricks in this book and bring the audience surprise, from which to draw nutrients to make your magic.

Here are some of the amazing effects from No Man's Land VOLUME 1:

Four Queens on the table, the selection is on one side. The magician is still able to identify the audience's selection under this condition. The magician picked up four Queens and placed them on the top of the deck one by one to show that there is nothing between them. All he has to do is snap his fingers, and there are three cards with the same index in between four Queens, and the only missing card is the selection!

Four Queens changes into blank cards one at a time, not only the surfaces but the backs are disappeared, all the faces and backs unexpectedly became blank!

Four red and four black red-backed cards are interlaced, then divided into two equal packets. After a snap of fingers, all the black cards were gathered in one of the packets. When the audiences think the other packet is all the red cards, the faces turn into the four Aces! Turn over the first packet, found out all the backs turned blue! The ending of this routine is the back of the Aces packet also turns blue, and the faces turn into the royal flush.

and many more...