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The Essential Guide to Nightclub Magic by Stephen Simmons - Instant Download


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How I got the gigs, kept the gigs and what I did at the gigs. 

An Essential Guide to Night Club Magic


'Every magician 'must' read this book! Highly recommended!- Gary Jones



Nothing comes close to this. This is a step by step guide, that if followed you WILL get gigs. No stone is left un-turned here. Stephen gives you the blueprint... you just have to follow it.

Stephen has performed in busy nightclub and bar environments for most of his performing career. His insight into this world is invaluable when wanting to showcase your magic in these sometimes difficult performing venues. He gives advice on effects to perform, but more importantly, how to approach, communicate and build a strong relationship between you and the venue.

You will not only learn his process on securing gigs.... which WORKS, but also how to keep them.

This indepth PDF is essential for anyone wanting to get more bookings, because the skills taught here are transferable. The same techniques applied here will help you get any type of booking you want. Its a masterclass in client/customer relationship building and how to close the deal. Stephen also goes into after care, follow ups and how to SELL yourself to a venue. 

How to do magic in night clubs


"There's some really great advice in 'Nightclub Magic' for any magician wanting to break into performing in night-clubs. It's crammed with solid info clearly from someone who knows that business inside out and has personally cracked it." - JOHN GORDON / MAGIC WORKS

"If you want to branch into the highly lucrative market of performing in nightclubs you HAVE to read this. If you want to go from a hobbyist magician to a full time professional magician then this book is a must read, the information contained in this book is pure gold!" It is very clear to see that Stephen has worked 'in the trenches' at different nightclubs for a number of years and in this work Stephen holds nothing back. The book is chock full of advice and tips that has taken Stephen years to gain, so I take my hat off to Stephen for taking the time and effort to share this highly valuable information. The book isn't just for those who want to break into the nightclub scene, the information and advice contained in this work also applies to all gigs and venues so every performer or budding performer would do well to read this work. Also included in this fantastic book are a few excellent routines Stephen uses in his professional work, they are hard hitting and straight to the point. I always mention at my lectures that if you learn how to perform in noisy type venues (nightclubs) then you can work just about anywhere in the world because there is no language barrier to break through - so this is another reason every magician 'must' read this book! Highly recommended! - GARY JONES

“For a magician who started his career in the nightclubs as a nightclub magician and worked in this industry for nine years as a magician and then as an manager and owner of late night venues, even though Stephen has worked for me, if any magician who is looking to start in this area, this book offers all the advice you’ll need to secure a booking and helps you secure them in a very professional manor, if this was around back in the early nineties when I started I would of snapped this up and paid much more, as if you follow Stephen’s guide you will hone your material and gain new work from this. Great guide and nicely written. Bravo”- MARK BENNETT of Illusions Magic Bar and Smoke and Mirrors

"You'd be mad not to pick this up. Stephen has ground out this invaluable insight on nightclub performing through years of working in trenches week in week out. He has left nothing out on this detailed pdf including what he has learnt from his mistakes, how to land gigs in the first place and more importantly how to keep them. Honestly if you have even the slightest amount of interest in performing in clubs then you'd be a bloody idiot not to get this." - CHRIS PIERCY



Part 1 - The night club magician

Part 2 - The why

Part 3 - The approachl

Part 4 - Keeping the gig

Part 5 - Club life

Part 6 - Moving up and on

Part 7 - Tricks


Night Club Magic