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Nexus - By Kevin Parker ( DVD Version)



This is seriously one good impromptu street magic. I will be performing it real real soon after some serious practice in front of the mirror. Overall: 10/10 for its effect and simplicity!! I love it."

-MOk Ying Ren, Singapore


"I just got this trick today and decided to write a review for this. Overall, it's a great trick: very easy to learn, no gimmick, any borrowed ring and key chain. Effect is very visual. I practised a couple times did it to my brother. He was amazed too. Very good trick for beginner magicians."

-Lewis Chow, Vancouver Canada

Borrow a keychain, a ring, and visually link the ring onto the keychain.

You know how long and how much work it takes to hook a key onto a keyring. But somehow, mysteriously, the magician merely touches a borrowed ring to a borrowed keyring and it is on it. This is Nexus.

The instructional video will teach you everything you need to know to perform this illusion. No trick props neccessary, this illusion is completely impromptu. Can be done anywhere, anytime, with a borrowed set of keys and a borrowed ring.