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Naked Mentalism 2 - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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This ebook takes the 27-page priming section from the previous volume and expands it into a full second book. At its core are the 66 priming categories along with notes about their individual properties. The majority are in print here for the first time. There’s also a full description of why various priming techniques work, extensive advice on their use (including how to reveal a difficult spectator’s unspoken, discarded options – in the order she has them), a section of full effects, and an extensive appendix of extra data. Also described is the powerful and flexible Pragmagram technique, used to create revolutionary effects such as the Naked Book Test. When combined with priming, this allows you to deliver seemingly genuine precognitive insights into the spectator’s thoughts before she has them.

"I personally found Jon Thompson's 'Naked Mentalism' extremely useful and filled with outstanding material and information. 'Naked Mentalism II' is no exception. I would highly recommend both these works and consider them each in tandem with Banachek's Wonderful 'Psychological Subtleties' series. These tomes are necessary and vital additions to the library and toolkit of any working mentalist" - Jerome Finley

"In this second volume to the already classic Naked Mentalism, Jon Thompson digs deeper into the use of primes for raising the probability of success in psychological forces. This volume has a wide range of new material, lists of primes and their associations and effects that are essentiual for any mentalist who wants to perform prop free and 'Naked'... I simply could not put this down..." - Dr Todd Landman

"Real, genuine human reactions to innocuously asked questions look like mind control - what more could you ask for?" - Iain Dunford.