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Naked Mentalism - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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By Jon Thompson


After extensive testing by  a host of experienced performers, the wait is finally over.

This book represents a new departure in the field of mentalism. The techniques it contains will enable you to perform impromptu, without the usual tools, techniques and compromises.

You could, if you wish, perform naked to prove there’s no subterfuge. Track a spectator's thought process as she makes choices, harness psychological forces, turn misses into hits, perform book tests for complete strangers (even over the phone), but above all, replace the intuition of the psychic with solid models of the world that give hit rates far higher than the real thing can ever hope to achieve.

 You will learn:

The Naked Philosophy


Priming in Action

The Spectator Buy-in

Limiting the choice by example

Eye Access cues

Meta- Predictions

Using Misses as a cold reading

Abstract Connections

Dreams and Visions

Primed Number Force

The Naked Book Test

Increasing overall Accuracy

Hecklers and other Irritants

The Naked Coin Prediction

The Three-handed Force

A sense of Gravity

Strongest overall Cue/Target Associations

and so much more of the REAL SECRETS in Mentalism