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N.D.E. - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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ACQUIESCENCE: Two spectators each lay out pairs of cards from freely shuffled packets. Despite any constraints you have accurately predicted the outcome. Miraskillesque perhaps?

THE FLEEING ACES: The four Aces travel from one half of the deck to the other and capture a previously selected card.

FOUR TO THE FORE: A spelling effect based on an Henry Christ premise. Two single Bottom Deals are required but they happen on the off-beat and a fine technique is not necessary.

MY FAIR LADY: You fail four times to find a selected card. So, you remove the Queen of Hearts which you say is your lucky lady. You give the Queen to the spectator, who waves her over the four wrong cards. Instantly the four cards change into the four Queens - your lucky lady and her three sisters! When the pectator turns over the card he is holding it proves to be his selected card.

A DIGITAL DECEIT: A simple set-up allows you to perform an impressive location of a chosen card along with a freely thought of number.

IN THE BASEMENT: The Four Kings are placed at the bottom of the deck. Three cards are selected and these are placed face up on top of the deck. The three selections instantly vanish and are found interlaced between the four Kings at the bottom of the deck.

STILL DOWN THERE! Another version of the Walton ‘Collectors’ based on Cyprian's 'Bottom Collectors.' The use of the Ovette Master Move (Kelly Bottom Replacement) may be of interest. While it has been used in sandwich effects before, I think the use here is strategically different.

FOLLOW THE SIGNS: In a previous effect of mine called 'The Soft Shoe Shuffle,' we saw the spectators transposing! Well, they transpose in this one too. This not only makes the effect clear to the audience, it also adds to the entertainment value.

3 AND 1 LOCATION: This is one of those card locations that you might perform for fellow magicians rather than a lay audience. I see no point in showing other magicians tricks they are already familiar with unless they particularly request it. The feature here, if there is one, is that you you do not look through the deck after the selection process, but immediately deal through from the top down and stop on the selection.

ELUCIDATION: You shuffle the deck then remove about a dozen cards from the top. These are fanned and a spectator is requested to make a mental selection of any card he sees. The packet is mixed then lost back into the deck. You now start to deal cards onto the table as you ask the spectator to spell the name of the card he is thinking of. The card stopped at turns out to be his mental selection!

SHEER-LUCK HOLMES: A demonstration of theft detection is followed by the successful identification of the thief, and it's all down to Sherlock Holmes and a deck of cards.

JAX IN THE BOCKS: An examined card case is on the table. You now proceed to cut to the two black Aces which you place into the card case. Next you cut to the two red Aces. These suddenly change into the black Aces. What's in the box? Read on to find out.

OUIJA: A spectator cuts the deck twice in an attempt to locate his selected card but he fails to do so. Beginning from the point of his cut, you now spell the name of his card. In the end you not only find his card, but the other three mates as well.

PSYCHIC CALCULATOR: The following effect uses the George Sands Prime Number principle, a brilliant concept. However, because ten, fifteen or twenty cards are used rather than a prime number (7, 11,13 etc.) you might catch a few of your fellow conjurors with this.

CARNIVAL OF SORTS: You remove the Ace to Ten of Diamonds and leave them on the table. A spectator selects any spot card which is lost back into the deck. The chosen card now transposes with the Diamond of the same value.