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Mystery card V2 by Hektor



This is the only product on the market which allows you to make 17 (!!) magic/mentalism effects with a single credit card! A whole magic show always with you in your wallet!

With the Mystery Card v.2 you can:
- predict selected symbols, numbers, cards;
- force words, numbers or cards in different ways;
- make card tricks even WITHOUT a deck of cards;
- combine it with your deck of cards for two powerful effects!

What are differences between the Mystery Card v.2 compared to the Mystery Card?

There are 4 more effects included, so this is the ONLY product on the market which allows you to do 17 (!!) effects with a single credit card.
Also – the text part on the face of the credit card is now in white colour (instead of the silver stamp), so nothing can be peeled off and practically the card will be a lifetime!
The instructions are now in beautifully printed Manual booklet.

Really high quality product (as a normal credit card) with a lot of powerful magic/mentalism effects.

Important points:
• Easy to master and even easier to perform
• Always at hand and ready to perform
• No switches
• No electronics
• No pre setup
• Totally examinable
• The credit card may be presented from both sides
• Don’t leave home without it!

What you get:
– special credit card
– booklet with instructions
– online support via email (the email for contact is included in the printed Manual)

The Mystery Card v.2 is a product of the Mystery Wallet series. You can check also for the Mystery Calendar and Houdini Spirit Board.

The MysteryCard v.2 looks like but is not a real credit card. It is a magic prop, with no magnetic stripe data contained. It should be used solely for entertainment purposes. It is not affiliated with nor endorsed by MasterCard or any other bank institution.