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My Balloon - By John Rivav - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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John Rivav, creator of Burning Angel has created another stunning close up illusion. This is a great off the wall routine full of fun and impossibility! My Balloon is also as perfect for stage work as it is close up.


The performer begins by showing a yellow 9" silk. The spectator is then asked to sign the silk to make it unique, a one of a kind, this is purely for future identification.

After a failed attempt at vanishing the yellow silk the spectator realises it has actually turned into a yellow balloon! The performer then attempts to vanish the yellow balloon only to discover that again the vanish has failed, this time turning the balloon red!!

The red balloon is blown up in front of the spectator and something is seen and heard rattling around inside the balloon. The balloon is popped to find out that it was the yellow balloon that was inside! The yellow balloon is then blown up to again find something rattling around inside. The yellow balloon is then popped and a yellow silk falls to the floor. The yello silk is held up by the spectator, the magican never goes near it, and the spectator's signature is, of course, seen written across the silk.