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This is a high quality, audience tested full routine directly from a working performers magic and mindreading act.  Christopher Thronebury has taken a Ted Anneman classic and developed it into a magic routine that he repeatedly uses to close his show six nights a week and will fry the minds of his audience!


Three audience members are invited to take part in the popular game of Clue.  One chooses a location, the other a weapon and the last a murderer. Under increasingly impossible conditions, the performer reads the mind of each of the spectators, ending with a mind-numbing finale that is sure to get you thunderous rounds of applause!



No forces involved
  No sleights required
    Can be performed close up and on stage
  Can be performed fully surrounded
    Completely scripted
  Completely audience tested through hundreds of performances
      No “special” materials needed
Uses common materials that can be found in any office supply store



TYPE: PDF E-Book Instant Download 20 pages  (728KB)

DELIVERY: Electronic/Instant download(worldwide)






 'I started reading and was thrilled both by the effect and the method. Basically Christopher uses an old idea by Ted Annemann and combined it with a second method and finally added a clever scripting that grants a great impact on any audience.

What is so great about it is that the revelations of the thoughts get more and more impossible while at the same time cancelling out all the possible solutions you might think of when seeing the trick performed. I should have read my Annemann more intensely. Lucky me, Christopher did it for me and added some great twists to make this a real winner.

All you need are some pay envelops, your own business cards, pens and a pad of paper. Nothing is gimmicked in any way. You can even do this impromptu! And what is even more important: There are no slights or fumbling involved so you can really concentrate on the performance which is the main goal when doing mentalism routines.

Overall:  10/10. There is nothing more to say!'   - Stefan Olschewski



'There is some very clever handling; I especially like the first phase in this context. It is a great throw off for the phases yet to come.

Chris also supplies some very valuable audience managment tips that are applicable to many effects. I know the plot has been suggested by others but I don't know that it has ever been released in this kind of detail from someone who obviously has used it a great deal and skillfully communicates his passion for his presentation.' - Bill Cushman



'The routine is fantastic, but when you see how beautiful the e-book is put together, you'll fall out of your chair. Seriously, this is one of the nicest I've seen in a while.' - Michael Paul



'This is a good deal. Solid mentalism. - The Magic Cafe - Rowdymagi 



'I just got this, all I can say is WOW! this is the way an ebook should be created. Besides the top notch quality of the ebook this is a real worker. Straight into the act this will go.  - will4gzus - Forums 



'Just downloaded this. Very nice and well structured. I've looked and tweaked with a number of CLUE effects, none as well scripted as this. I think this is a real winner.'- Paul Sharp