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Moving Suntan - Nathan Kranzo - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Can YOU move YOUR tan line?
Want to do something that NO ONE has ever seen close up before?
Look no further - Bande Du Soleil by Nathan W. Kranzo.
Imagine this......
You take off your watch to show an embarrassing tan line.
Wishing that you could make it disappear, you grab it with your other hand and slowly move it up to the top of your arm! Now, its new location is above your shirt sleeve. It is way less noticeable, which solves your problem!

After you move it, the tan line can be felt by everyone to see that it's not fake, but rather a very REAL TAN LINE.
A real tan line that you just moved! This PDF manuscript will teach you the inner workings of this fabulous effect that has gained Nathan a reputation all over the world. He tips "the real work" so you can learn my method instantly, and start performing Bande Du Soleil immediately.

Bande du Soleil is a favorite among top professional magicians.
Marco Tempest performed this on his series The Virtual Magician which aired in over 40 countries. This effect has caught the attention of magicians all over the world from David Copperfield to Penn and Teller who filmed it for their NBC special Off The Deep End. Most recently this effect was featured on Mondo Magic performed by Chris Korn.



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