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Monochrome Surprise - Colour Changing Brass Chips

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Monochrome Surprise is a brilliant self working colour changing brass chip trick that is fully examinable.

Perfect for beginners and professionals, this well crafted set is as fun to perform as it is easy, and it is VERY easy!

The magician shows two brass chips, one is black, the other white. The magician proposes a guessing game, he holds the black chip in his right hand and the white chip in his left and then closes his hands. He asks the spectator to guess which hand the black chip is in. The spectator guesses the right hand as it was there just a moment before, the spectator opens their hand to show that it is now the white chip in his right hand, the black chip is in his left hand. The chips switch places over and over until the spectator catches onto the fact that they might be black on one side and white on the other.

This of course is the obvious answer, and the magician can then say, legitimately that they are different colours on each side. However, one side is red, the other blue and on the other chip the colours are yellow and green, not a black or white chip to be seen anywhere!


Things to remember:

Precision made brass gimmicks

Self working

The brass chips are examinable

No switches, only two chips are used throughout the routine

No sleight of hand, the ingenious chips do all the hard work for you

Comes with a real leather carry case worth £7.99


Please note: The next batch of these are being hand made for us, so please allow 1 -2 weeks for delivery