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Moments by Ravi Mayar - Instant Download


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“What organic magic is all about!” 

Modern day Impromptu and seemingly impromptu magic with everyday items your audience can relate to. These effects allow you to take a MOMENT out of your card magic performance and create a breathing space in between whilst unleashing highly visual effects that are pure eye candy to your audience.



Borrow a person’s phone and vanish all their apps! It doesn’t get any more personal then that! Cause a person to forget their name and then the card they are holding! There is something here for everyone, a variety of effects that you can add to your performance in a MOMENTS notice. 


No threads

No magnets

No wires 


Whether You are at a paid professional show, a bar or on the streets, These gems will pack small and play big! No long winded arts & crafts are required to make these effects. Invest a short time to practice and you will be achieving as well as performing these effects in no time without any heavy complicated sleight of hand.


As a bonus Mentalist Fraser Parker, in his own segment discusses his thoughts on my “Name Amnesia” effect and Peter turner participates, plays and produced this project.



“I love the way Ravi thinks!”


Ryan Tricks, TV Magician & YouTube Star 

Dirty Tricks-Channel 5, 

Ryan Tricks on the street-BBC 3