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Moments - By Rory Adams - (DVD and Gimmicks)



"I wish I knew these tricks when I was at school!"


Three Days. Two Magicians. A road trip to Vegas and 12 amazing, visual, organic tricks.

 Join Rory Adams, known for his internet series Everyday Magic as he performs and explains some of his strongest and most effective effects from his own personal bank of magic! Rory's instantly likeable persona and creative flair shine through has he is joined by Kyle Marlett for a road trip across Califonia to Las Vegas!

Each stop, new faces are greeted with moments of wonder. Then Rory stops to teach you each trick, in full. These magic tricks are visual, organic, and have methods that are not only inventive but very simple too! Moments really is a must have DVD if you are interested in magic tricks that are worthy of TV yet are also workable in the real world.


Bane: Cause a chosen card to rise out of a normal deck. No threads or magnets, the cards can even be borrowed.

Blend: Bend an un-bendable spoon at your fingertips then repair it in midair.

Target Practice: Shoot one rubber band at another and see them link before your eyes.

Magneto: A pile of cards magnetize to your hand, leaving one card behind; their chosen card!

Hook: Balance a regular sharpie pen at your fingertips, creating two stunning impossible moments.A method for performing this with an iPhone is also explained!

Torn and Restrawed: Snap a drinking straw in half, then stretch it and watch is slowly become a normal drinking straw once more.

Dumb Gum Trick: Take a piece of chewed gum from your mouth and place it on your hand. With just a wave the chewed piece changes to a fresh wrapped piece of gum.

Scooby Doo: A DVD slowly changes from one film to another. Then as a surprise kicker, the DVD box has changed too!

Mr. Fantastic: At a moment's notice, take any mobile phone and proceed to display three mind blowing, gravity defying balances and levitations.

Ripped and Restored Hoodie String: Take your hoodie string, rip it in half and instantly throw it back on to itself, healing it completely! 


Wolverine - An incredibly slow and visual coin vanish at the fingertips.
Shuffle - Using your friends headphones, pull off one earpiece breaking the wire. Then while your friend holds onto the headphones, you instantly repair it in front of them.

  • 12 unforgettable tricks + bonuses
  • Cameos by Justin Flom & Kyle Marlett
  • Organic, everyday magic
  • 110 minutes of detailed instruction & fun
  • Gimmicks Included for Dumb Gum Trick and Ripped and Restored Hoodie String

"Moments by Rory Adams makes me forget about methods and reminds me of how incredible magic can be!"
- Chris Ramsay

Jump on the magic road trip with us, now!