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Mixed Perception (Written Instructions Version) - By Cameron Francis - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Mixed Perception is a VERY cool, clever and easy to perform little packet effect, I'm sure this man is an alien!! - Ben Williams


Cameron Francis presents an incredible, practically self-working, small packet variation of Dai Vernon's classic effect, “Triumph”.  




The magician says, “Do you ever walk into a messy room and wish you could just snap your fingers and the room would instantly clean itself? Me too! I wish I were that good! I may not be able to do that, but I can show you something similar with a few cards...” 


The magician removes six cards from the deck and the spectator selects one. “Now, you just saw a card which I need to find. Let's complicate the situation a bit by making a big mess...” The cards are clearly mixed in face up, face down condition. “The cards are now in a very complicated, confused state. Kind of like my life. So in order to simplify matters, I use a little magic...”  The magician snaps his fingers. With no funny moves the six cards are spread. Every single one is face down except for the selection!


"Another way of easily identifying your card would be to make it look different than the rest of the cards..."  The magician snaps his fingers again. The selection is turned over. It now has a blue back! 


“Of course, an even easier way of making your card stand out from the rest would be to erase the faces of the other cards!" The magician clicks his fingers one last time and turns the other five cards face up. They are completely blank! 


Note: You will need five blank faced cards and a few common household items in order to make up the gimmicks.


Extremely easy to do!


Instant reset! 


Bonus effect included! 






TYPE:  PDF Ebook 

DELIVERY: Electronic/Instant download (worldwide)

Magic Tricks Difficulty level 1 (Basic/Self Working)