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Miracles For Mortals Volume 1



Killer Magic for the Rest of Us

Volume One
by Geoff Williams


Volume One Contents:

ELECTRICAL ARTLET - Boom box cord too short to reach the wall outlet? No problem; just draw an outlet on a pad of paper, plug in the cord and the music starts right up! Based on a Fantasio effect and used with his permission.

UPLOOPTED - A horizontal card levitation that looks UNBELIEVABLE!

THE "I HATE DAVID COPPERFIELD" TRICK - Based on "Close-Up Illusion" by Larry Jennings, a card VISIBLY MELTS through another. The visuals here go WAY BEYOND the original.

THE OMEGA BET - Based on the Karl Fulves effect, Bob Wagner has turned this into a KILLER piece of entertainment, a 5-phase whirlwind of fun for everyone in the room! A random spectator decides the final, and most impossible, bet of all. The routine uses my false overhand shuffle (which is quite easy but appears totally fair).

MORE ON "OIL & WATER" - Sam Schwartz's wondrous 3-phase, 8-card O & W routine with NO SLEIGHTS! NONE! Thanks to Sam for allowing me to include this gem with minor handling changes.

MIRACLE COIN VANISH - This gets GASPS from spectators. Looks like real magic. (Note: a jacket or sportcoat is required)

JUST A BIT MORE ULTIMATE THAN JOHN MENDOZA'S "ULTIMATE TORN & RESTORED CARD" - The name says it all. In an e-mail to me, Mr. Mendoza (a close-up DEITY) said he thinks more of this method (of his trick which appeared in "The Book of John") than any of the "piece-by-piece" restorations out there. You're clean at the first and clean at the end. As a bonus, it's SUPER EASY to do even though the card is SIGNED ON BOTH SIDES!

Volume One Bonus Effects:

INVISIBLE DECK FINESSE - Makes using an Invisible Deck more fun than ever (and the reset is DURING the routine).

FORKLIFT - Move silverware with your mind!

4-WAY COINCIDENCE - A reworking of a stunning prediction routine by John Murray from "Card Cavalcade 3" by Jerry Mentzer (included with Jerry's permission). Use a borrowed, thoroughly-shuffled deck. There's only one real "move" (which is laughably simple).

Running Time: Approximately 1hr 50min


I dont really have time to do a full review. But I do have time to say after having watched Vols 1&2 of "Miracles for mortals" How Impressed I am both with the Content & The Performer.

If you dont already own these then buy them! I've never seen anything of Mr Williams before, so it was a pleasant surprise to watch them.

Before I mention some of the material on the 2 DVDs I want to say how Impressed I am with the way Mr Williams performs, His style & presenation is brilliant, very witty & comes across very professional, for those who have never seen him he looks like Jay sankey's twin brother (If you ever read this Geoff, Sorry but Im sure your used to that) Some of the tricks/effects/material on the DVDs have been out for quite some time & therfore seasoned pro's will have at least seen 40%-50% of the content but dont let that put you off, these 2 DVDs are superb.

DEVEASTATION A Card trick with a borrowed shuffled deck....It says on the ad that this is worth the price of the DVDs & they are quite correct, Its a Stunner!

UNLOOPED Love Geoffs thinking behind this, & a Cracking effect to boot!

E.A.R This is AWESOME ...Nuff said.

All in all there are just over 20 effects on Vols 1&2 ...5 of them have gone right into my walkround routine (Only had the DVDs 2 days)

Entertainment value 10/10
Workable routines for Beginner to Pro 10/10

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